About Us

This website is designed to enhance easy access to the child sex offender data base established by the Ministry of Gender and Family as it was mentioned in the Article 57 of Law 12/2009 Special Measures on Perpetrators of child sexual abuse Act. People seen in the database are those who were sentenced under the Act 12/2009. The information included in the data base are those mentioned in the article 6 6 of the regulation R48/2011. The information were obtained and verified from the relevant authorities including Maldives Police Service, Criminal Court, Maldives Correctional Service, magistrate courts and Island Councils. Therefore Ministry of Gender and Family acknowledge their contribution and hope this process can be sustained in the future. This website will be maintained and updated by the Ministry of Gender and Family.

Child sex offender data base will help parents, school managements, employers and other concerned residents to identify important details of the offenders who have been sentenced for sexual offence against a child or children under the Act 12/2009. Viewers of this website can search for the present location of those offenders, their duration and the completion of the sentence. Viewers can search for offenders by their name, national identity card number or the island they belong to. The information of an offender will remain in the database as it was mentioned in the regulation for another 10 years even though he or she has been recently completed his sentence.

In addition to the database this website provides visitors with information about child sexual abuse and how to protect children from potential victimization. Moreover this website will provide with most frequently asked questions on child sexual abuse and answers to those questions as well. We always welcome your feedback on improving the content in this website.